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Paper Aeroplanes Review

Goodreads Summary:
It's the mid-1990s, and fifteen year-old Guernsey schoolgirls, Renée and Flo, are not really meant to be friends. Thoughtful, introspective and studious Flo couldn't be more different to ambitious, extroverted and sexually curious Renée. But Renée and Flo are united by loneliness and their dysfunctional families, and an intense bond is formed. Although there are obstacles to their friendship (namely Flo's jealous ex-best friend and Renée's growing infatuation with Flo's brother), fifteen is an age where anything can happen, where life stretches out before you, and when every betrayal feels like the end of the world. For Renée and Flo it is the time of their lives.

With graphic content and some scenes of a sexual nature, PAPER AEROPLANES is a gritty, poignant, often laugh-out-loud funny and powerful novel. It is an unforgettable snapshot of small-town adolescence and the heart-stopping power of female friendship.

Author: Dawn O'Porter
Number of pages: 304
Published: May 2nd 2013

My Review:
Paper aeroplanes was a lovely book about friendship and love. It is based around two girls Renee and Flo, who both go through rough times with their family and they unexpectedly become good friends.

The book is very realistic and most people will be able to relate to at least one of the characters. For me it brought back high school memories and I extremely related to Flo's friendship with Sally which was a relationship ruled by fear.

My favourite part of the book is the message given. I think it is very well written and it really makes you realise sometimes forgiveness is the best option.

The only thing I disliked about this book is that it took a while to get into any drama or plot. But when it did it all came at once. I also am very curious of what happened to Flo's brother Julian but apart from that it's a good read.

Overall it was a easy book to fly through. It had me laughing, smiling and even tearing up at times. The book itself did not blow me away but it was a very nice book to read and I love the relatability aspect. I would definitely recommend to those who want an easy read about friendship and love.

Favourite quotes:
“Because as much as I dislike her, I would prefer not to have an enemy.”
Dawn O'Porter, Paper Aeroplanes    

“You need to realise how gorgeous you are.'
She laughs, but I’m not trying to be funny. ‘I mean it Flo, you really are. Somewhere under all that disbelief.”
Dawn O'Porter, Paper Aeroplanes    

Overall rating:

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